Tavat/ Soupcan Pantos

A feat in the manufacturing of eyewear, the Soupcan is a frame that took almost two decades to become a reality. Inspired by the aeronaut acrobatic troop, the Flying Burritos, Tavat's Soupcan style is reminiscent of the form of flight goggles that these performers wore. As they were fashioned from actual soup cans, with lenses installed these aeronauts inspired Tavat to create. And, so, Tavat was impelled to create something to honor and reflect such ingenuity and craftsmanship of the Burritos. With the advent of the Pantos and the Round, a courageous introduction of such a great style came about.


Hosting accents of Steam-punk, the Soupcan, both Round and Pantos, offers more personality than your average P-3 or circular style. Sustained by Tavat's patented Melanin Polarized lenses, the Soupcan is more than just a frame style, it is an image.

Collections: ALL, Metal, Polarized, Round, Tavat

Type: Sunglasses

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