Tyche & Iset

Tyche, the Greek Goddess of Fate, Fortune, and Luck; Iset, the Egyptian Goddess of Maternity, Love, Magic and Earth... The inspiration for Morganne Leigh's creation. A young and aspiring designer, based in Los Angeles, Morganne took her interest in mythos and lore to begin her line and her break-out collection, Velvet Moon. Spending an entire year to perfect her first generation of eyewear, Tyche and Iset offers a collection presented in an Avante Garde fashion. Intended to focus on an everyday appeal, but with the right amount of glamour, Tyche and Iset attracts with an eccentricity that will inspire every wearer to sample the vast extremes in design. Inciting and exciting, Tyche & Iset possess a gorgeous boldness and a fantastic quality!