Garrett Leight California Optical

Hailing from Venice Beach, California, Garrett Leight is the epitome of a native son. Encapsulating the true essence of California in each and every style, GLCO offers a selection of product that hints at an origin incredibly understood. The progeny of Larry Leight, the mastermind behind Oliver Peoples, Garrett was ensconced in a world that most eyewear designers only dreamed of being immersed in. Surrounded by pure brilliance in his ascension to greatness, each new generation of GLCO brings forth a greater and greater revelation and truth that design genius is congenital. Garrett might be his father's son with the product that he ascribes his name to but skill and ability is evident as individual. The product speaks for itself, for when adorned to the face, the fit and feel is natural. The passion behind the product soaks into the skin, and the understanding of perfection is manifested where the wearer now comprehends what true quality eyewear really means.