The Original Classic - Tart Arnel

James Dean rocking the original classic, Tart Arnels.

Founded in New York City in the mid 1940’s, Tart Optical Enterprises Inc. (OTE) was a small but legendary maker of eye frames. The acetate frames became more popular, due in part to World War II creating a scarcity of other more traditional eyewear materials.

Tart Arnel uses real rivets that appear on the front and sides that secure the hinge plates, not mock glued on pieces that can be found on similar frames like the Moscot Lemtosh.

The Tart product line is full of good old American flavor, with strong lines and gentle, sensible style. From every angle the Tart frames have presence. They are classic, confident, and comfortable. The newest collection features Tarts top two styles: the Arnel, and the F.D.R. in classic black, dark tortoise and smoke grey.

Celebrity Brand From the start, Tart frames have graced the faces of Hollywoodv from James Dean to Johnny Depp.

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