Freeman's Sporting Club adds on

The Bespoke Suit guys from NYC are doing it right when it comes to a nice custom made suit. They offer Gentlemen the perfect haircut, the perfect suit, the perfect shop, and now a little more cultured pampering with a Bespoke store and Lounge.

Recently Announced...

"We are currently building out a customer lounge & “bespoke store” adjacent to our custom suiting & shirting factory above the restaurant.  It will be complete by the end of the month." - FSC

For those not familiar with Freemans Sporting Club's offerings. It's the NYC and SF based shops that have brought back the hand tailored, locally made suit in your choice of 4 cuts.


A large part of Freeman's secret to success is their  partnership with Tailor extraordinaire, Martin Greenfield and his Brooklyn suit factory. The factory employs over 117 people, all hand stitching and tailoring suits for the likes of Presidents, celebrities, and companies like Brooks Brothers and Rag and Bone.

What makes for a great Suit? How about  Lessons from a Tailor.



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