The ski season is upon us, and as every man knows, nothing is more important for your look and peak performance than a good pair of mirrored sunnies.  We’ve put together a small collection of some of our favorites - inspired by skiing legends, Hollywood Icons, superior designs, and the drop-dead good looks of these classic shades. Whether you are sipping Cointreau in Chamonix, downhill racing in Park City, or snow-bunny chasing in Mammoth, The Guise Archive has you covered.



Jean-Claude Killy. The King of the Mountain. This ultra cool Frenchman was skiing’s first World Cup Champion in 1967. The following year at the 1968 Winter Olympics in Grenoble France, Killy won the Triple Crown of Alpine Skiing, with a sweep of all three gold medals (downhill, slalom, and giant slalom). He was “L’Homme”...”The Man”.  Not only was Killy faster than everyone, he was more stylish.  Born with movie star good looks and a certain “je ne sais quoi”, he quickly became an international sex symbol and a men's fashion trend setter.

His eponymous line of rare sunglasses are no exception.  Like the skier himself, the Killy Aviators are a technical masterpiece…yet elegant and cool. The glasses are made of carbon fiber and designed with a shock absorbent nose piece, rotating tips to keep the glasses from falling off, double spring temples for safety, and a protective brow-bar to absorb a face-plant. These are the triple black diamonds, the best in class.

The Guise are also proud to offer other labels that belong in the same rarefied mountain air as the Killy’s. The Alpina M1 Aviators are some of the most beautiful glasses ever created by man. These German Fräuleins have been worn by Jay-Z, Kanye and the Beckhams, and are plated with 24ct. golden goodness. Their shine has been reported to cause snow blindness in the gondola line.  The Carrera Sports Glaciers features the “Ultrapol” polarized lens and removable sides and band to transform into a classic look. The legendary Carrera Aviator is top-of-the-line in both durability and Austrian good looks.   Made from high-quality Optyl material, it is one of the most coveted and copied frames of all-time.



Long before Robert Redford became the “Ambassador of Indie” with the Sundance Film Festival, he was the “Ambassador of Ski” in America. About the same time Killy was dominating the competition in Europe, Redford starred in the classic Hollywood film Downhill Racer.  He played cocky American skier Dave Chappelet, who is thrust onto the US National team because of another’s injury. He clashes with his team while chasing beautiful Swedish actresses down the slopes, and a ski eyewear legend was born.  Both in the movie and in real life, Redford was at the leading edge of men’s style, effortlessly looking good in just about any pair of shades. Women wanted him. Men wanted to be him.

The movie star popularized the now iconic I Ski Aviators, which have some of the most reflective lenses on the market, and were a preferred frame of both Killy and tough-guy film director Sam Peckinpah. Redford was photographed the world over wearing styles like the beautiful two-toned Ray-Ban Blazers and the sleek Vaurnet SkiLynks.  His preferred look was less flashy then his European counterparts, but just as timeless and just as cool. A Natural.



The Guise are committed to help you look good no matter where you are, whether it be a chateau in the Swiss Alps, or a cabin in Tahoe. That’s why we’ve included a few choice frames from our own collection, Guise by Benjamin. The Guise Marlo stands out with a completely unique, hand dyed “Tea” color acetate frame and brown lenses. The Guise Molly  with mirrored lenses are a fresh and modern take on the ski eyewear classics. The Molly is handmade with an adjustable bridge to fit a wide range of handsome faces. Both feature 100% UV A and B protection.  So before you head up the mountain, make sure you visit the Guise Shop and gear up with the perfect pair of shades. Happy trails!






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