Anon Optics Magna-Tech M1 Goggles

Brilliant design. Good enough for the slopes, and they call it the game changer. You can bet this is the future of eyewear.

Anon. is about to change the way you see in color.

The M1 goggle features exclusive technology called 'Magna-Tech'. Magna-Tech is the ultimate in effortless lens change innovation, it's the fastest and most advanced solution to swapping lens tints to date. Magnets are constructed in the frame and lens making the engagement / disengagement process simple enough to swap lenses without even taking the goggle frame off your face. No matter what conditions the mountain throws at you, the M1 will have you covered.

The M1 debuts at SIA - January 2012 in Denver, Colorado and will be available for purchase at your local snowboard shop in Fall 2012.



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