Nicole 5th Anniversary by Benjamin Eyewear



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Most of the eyewear industry is created by a handful of amazing designers. So, yes the eyewear world is small. It’s not unusual to have one designer making several lines for several competing labels in one season. The goal, find that one perfect frame that ignites the fashion world as the must have piece of the season.

Enter Benjamin Eyewear, the collector's collection. What's more exciting than an inspired designer/collector focusing on his own personal collection, with his own ideas and schedule. Benjamin Eyewear hasn't really ever been a line of frames that follows fashion conventions and seasonal releases. Benjamin, has been the idea of shapes, craftmanship, and creative intersections to create inspired classics one piece at a time. The production runs have always been smaller...and more expensive, in part to keep quality high and part to freely experiment.

As Benjamin Eyewear enters its 5th year of making enduring statements, let me reintroduce you to the story behind the collection. It all began with the "Nicole"


One of the first frames Benjamin Eyewear Introduced when he broke out his new line in 2007. The Nicole, is named after Musician and friend Nicole Simone, It's a smart looking frame that fits every face amazingly well. When people first saw this frame they referred to it as being geek chic, now a mainstay. Jenni Kayne put the frame in her New York Fashion week in 2008 and again in 2012, she calls it one of her favorite pieces. It’s been a staple in the closet of Stylists and has street cred with the Sartorialist.


The frame is stylish without trying too hard and has become a staple of celebs in and around LA. Effortless style.

Sienna Miller first sported a clear version on a few photocalls back in 2008, it was an instant hit. The frame, despite its name works amazingly well on Men as seen on Ewan McGregor with it's perfectly understated and timeless shape. Alessandra rocked it at Coachella this past year and its been keeping up with several Kardashians.


This frame helped reintroduced the clip as an eyewear statement in 2008. And I might note it was not intended to hide a poorly shaped frame, but add a second style in one package.

When you find something that just works you stick with it. Benjamin keeps coming back to this frame looking to evolve it, but ultimately the shape endures. However, add a clip and the mix of acetate and metals takes the Nicole to the next level.

Find the
"Nicole" in Tokyo Tortoise
by Benjamin Eyewear




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