Tavat Eyewear and The Guise Archives unveil the “State of the Art” eyewear collection

Get ready for amazing eyewear and an a great kick off event. Each Sunday through October 21st – November4th, we are giving $100 off on all Tavat Eyewear frames!
Los Angeles based Guise Archives debuts a month long release of Tavat Eyewear, in what they are calling the smartest eyewear available. The collection features State-of-the-art “Melanin” Lenses, which like beautifully rich skin protect you from the sun’s harmful rays. “Melanin” filters out 100% of UV rays and up-to 97% of the dangerous violet-blue light rays, which both protects and relaxes the eyes. Highlights also include, patented Ex-Cam and Tactile hinge technology which make Tavat one of the most impressive eyewear lines you’ll ever wear. Originally designed by renowned Pasadena Art Center Professor Norman Schureman and manufactured in Italy, these glasses are both amazing in style and function.

The eyewear love continues this month at Los Angeles based Guise Archives. The Guise will feature Tavat’s collection of amazing optical and sunglass frames, and throw in a healthy $100 off any Tavat frame each Sunday, from October 21st – November 4th. Followed by an In-Store from Tavat on November 4th.

Tavat Eyewear Adrian at The Guise Archives

The Tavat Ace featured at the Guise Archives

Tavat Eyewear Airman featured at The Guise Archives

Tavat Eyewear Airman Ace featured at The Guise Archives

Katie Tavat Eyewear Tactile featured at The Guise Archives

Tavat Eyewear Tactile featured at The Guise Archives

Tavat Eyewear Lancer Featured at The Guise Archives

Tavat Eyewear Lancer Featured at The Guise Archives

The Guise Archives Eyewear Company
Located at the Gateway to Melrose Heights (west of Fairfax) we are the quintessential hub in Los Angeles for quality, rare, and one of a kind eyewear. Designer Benjamin Montoya of Benjamin Eyewear curates and showcases his collection of over 5000 vintage frames throughout the shop on a regular basis.
Tavat launched in 2010, and is designed & engineered at Art Center in the hills of Pasadena, CA. Once designs are finalized and technology patented, all frames are manufactured by our skilled optical craftsmen in the foothills of the Dolomites in Northern Italy. TAVAT joins together decades of experience, at all levels in the optical industry to create evolutionary eyewear with a refined elegance.

Photos by: EvaLotta Freden